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M Acoustics

M Acoustics deals with soundproofing and the best acoustic treatments products. We deliver No1. quality acoustic treatment materials from domestic and around the world, i.e. we use the best latest technology in the market.

1. Audio Proof Panel 0.91NRC, 2. Reverberation Control Panel, 3. Cornice Acoustic Sealant etc. with zero compromises in quality and service. M Acoustics Panels and acoustic treatments have remarkable ranking in the industry on account of the maximum sound absorption and render classy noise control which performs the perfect harmony of sight and sound.

After all, M Acoustics have a broad selection of acoustics fabrics and colors. M Acoustic panels have a remarkable ranking in the industry on the account of the maximum sound absorption, a high print quality that performs the perfect harmony of sight and sound.

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are called by in different names than sound panels, acoustic boards, and acoustic baffles. These panels are large, soft furnished sound-absorbing panels that are used within the room to improve the sound quality. Acoustic panels lessen background noise, decrease reverberating and abolish echo in space.

Therefore panels are designed to absorb noise such as echoes. For instance, background noises, excessive echo in a room, and can be strategically placed within rooms to improve the sound quality.


M Acoustics can provide a wide range of services in acoustic for cinema theatre and auditoriums. Acoustic consultancy is needed for an acoustic designer, contractor, builder, facility owners, etc. After all, If you are searching for the best acoustic consultancy, then your search ends here at M Acoustics.

However, our panels can offer unique and artistic features to your space. We are dedicated to you with the highest quality acoustic with the design your need. Our panels are decorative and sound absorbing products for correcting. The level of reflections in the room by sound absorption and scattering of reflected sound.